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How quickly does a person learn and remember information?

Lifelong learning is becoming increasingly important in a career. To know whether someone can pick up new information quickly and learn new skills, you need a memory or learning ability test. Having a good memory, in addition to intelligence, is indispensable for learning. A good learning ability may be necessary, among other things, when learning to use new tools or acquiring new procedures smoothly in the workplace. Depending on the position, you can then choose to test candidates’ memory or learning ability.

Memory & learning

(4) tests available
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main measurement ≥ 0.9
1 main measurement
A new job often means many new tasks and therefore a lot of learning. Would you like to know how well and quickly someone can learn something new and apply it immediately? Then the SYMBOL test is an excellent choice.

The test alternates learning moments with applications of the code language learned. Each question contains a code and several possible meanings of the code in the form of pictures. Candidates are given feedback on the answer given each time in order to master the code language.

Good learning ability is crucial for various analytical jobs, such as those of analysts, project managers, engineers, marketers, researchers, IT professionals, account managers and file managers. SYMBOL A is especially suitable for engineers, computer scientists and candidates with university degrees. SYMBOL B is suitable for candidates with secondary to university education.
49 minutes
NL / FR / EN / DE
7 main measurements
The FACIBO test measures a number of candidates’ personal skills: the courage to perform, ability to concentrate, thoughtfulness and perseverance. In addition, FACIBO measures administrative skills, intelligence and hand-eye coordination.

The task consists of reducing a group of characters to one character. Candidates have to observe a number of rules while doing so.

FACIBO is recommended for jobs that require candidates to work reasonably independently to take on their tasks. This applies to almost all positions in an office or research environment, such as for researchers, staff members, file managers.
NL / FR / EN
main measurement ≥ 0.7
1 main measurement, 2 sub measurements
The test CPAL STM (‘short-term memory’) and LTM (‘long-term memory’) measure short-term and long-term memory, respectively. CPAL STM should be taken before CPAL LTM.

CPAL STM must include a learning phase and a reproduction phase. During the learning phase, candidates are shown pictures of two everyday objects. During the reproduction phase, candidates are asked which object was shown during the learning phase. About an hour after taking CPAL STM, CPAL LTM is then offered. This consists of a reproduction phase only and checks how much candidates have memorised from CPAL STM.

CPAL tests are particularly suitable for functions where individuals need strong visual memory. Impairments of visual memory can have serious consequences for vehicle drivers or operators, for example. In addition, this test can also be used as an indication of learning ability.
NL / FR / EN / DE
main measurement ≥ 0.7
MEMO 1 +3: 1 main measurement, 2 sub measurements - MEMO 2 + OL: 1 main measurement
The MEMO tests measure short-term memory: how well can a person store information quickly?

In the MEMO 1 and MEMO OL tests, candidates have to remember random combinations of elements. Test MEMO 2 appeals to visual memory: candidates have to link meaningful symbols to concrete objects. Thus, the test measures the capacity of immediate associative memory and its efficient use. In MEMO 3, candidates have to remember the locations of objects in a box. The test measures candidates’ ability to remember spatial positions and link objects to a given location.

MEMO tests are used for jobs where good passive memory is important, such as for cashiers, payroll clerks, nurses, technicians and warehouse workers.
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